World Records for Flying Dyna Kite Kites

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This page is dedicated to Dyna Kite® Flyers. We will be keeping Dyna Kite® flying records for all ages, male and female flyers. Who flew the most Dyna Kites®, longest tail, most money earned with a Dyna Kite®, youngest & oldest flyer or make your own category. Anything you do with a Dyna Kite® we want to know about it. We would like to hear your great story about you and your Dyna Kites®, and post this information on our website.

Current Dyna Kite® Records as of August 7, 2007

Ladies World Record: 50-stack of Dynas
Ladies World Record: 50-stack of Dyna Kites™

Age: 7 Years Old

  1. Jack Oldham (1st Place) flying a 6-stack
  2. William Matthew Huffman (2nd Place) flying a 2-stack

Age: 10 Years Old


Age: 11 Years Old

  1. Zach Anderson from Michigan (1st Place) flying a 12-stack
  2. Hews Oldham (2nd Place) flying a 6-stack

Age: 12 Years Old

  1. Trevor Vanderham (1st Place) flying a 40-stack

Age: 9 Years Old Ladies

  1. Amber from Isle of Palms, SC (1st Place) flying a 3-stack Tri-masters

Age: 10 Years Old , Ladies

  1. Amber from Isle of Palms, SC (1st Place) flying a 5-stack Stunt masters

Age: 18 and Up, Ladies

  1. The following ladies tied for 1st Place, each flying a 50-stack:
    • Leah Totten, Age 21
    • Priscilla White, Age 22
    • Lillian White, Age 19
111 Dyna Kites® in a stack, Sullivan's Island, SC
111 Dyna Kites® in a stack
Sullivan's Island, SC

Age: 18 and Up, Gents

  1. 111 Dyna Kites® in a stack.
  2. 2 Dyna Kite® stacks, one person (2 stacks of 33 kites, total of 66 kites)
  3. 3 Dyna Kite® stacks, one person on 6 strings (2 stacks of 20 kites and 1 stack of 15 kites total of 55 kites).
  4. Most money earned to fly a Dyna Kite® stack: $5016.00 for a 3 minute flight.

Set Your Own Record: Rules & Requirements

  1. The Windjammers
    The Windjammers
    There will be a male and a female category.
  2. Age Categories:
    1. Age 6 and under
    2. Age 7-10
    3. Age 11-13
    4. Age 14-18
    5. Age 18 and up
  3. A flight is two (2) minutes or longer, must complete a right and a left loop, and land safely.
  4. You must have at least three (3) signed witness statements.
  5. Witnesses must give full name, address, phone number, email address and describe in writing what they witnessed.
  6. Send us as many photos as possible (3 minimum).
  7. To speed things up and assure you are giving credit for your record, take video of the event. Good video will be a major factor for approval.
  8. The more information we have the more likely your record will be accepted.
  9. All information sent to Dyna Kite® to file for a kite record will become the property of Dyna Kite® and will not be returned to you.
  10. Please send written statements with your information and signed by you that states all information, photos and etc, is now the property of Dyna Kite®.
  11. Be sure to date everything.
  12. All record holders and photos will be posted on this website.
  13. Allow a minimum of ninety (90) days for information to be posted.

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