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A 2-In-1 Kite, Change from team (Stunt Kite) to a trick kite in less than 60 sec.


Flying Wings kites Parts Insyn

All the parts and rods to repair your Insync kite.

$0.49 - $15.80

Nocks for all type kites. 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm


Extra Reels for kite reel deluxe set with line brake.

Great for those very big one string kites up and down wite ease.

Comes with 650 ft. of 80 lb. line, Great for those big one string kites

Repair tape for all kites, Choose from 14 colors. By the foot.

Made In The USA

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Repair tape for all kites, 2 in. X 25 ft. Choose from 14 colors.

Made In The USA


All you need to repair your Laima Zero Wind Kite.

$0.49 - $4.40

0 to 8 mph wind Kite/Glider. No wind ? No problem, back yard or the beach, fly me anywhere.

Click on link below to see Laima fly in zero wind.

Stunt and one string kite leading edge connectors

$1.99 - $2.20

Cellular box kite with colorful shaped framework.


Novelty pack-and-go sledy kite with a cute doggie face and bone-shaped carrying bag.

Click on link below to see Lucky Dog kite fly.

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Miniature diamond kite. Great for kids. They really fly. Ready To Fly.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.

Mix of black, blue, red bird, and pig.

Click on link below to see these kites fly.