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Replacement parts for DC-60, Flameboy, Wet Willy and Devil stunt kites by Xkites.

$0.69 - $3.99
DC Sport 60 Stunt Kite Parts

Replacement parts for Sport 60 stunt kite.

$0.69 - $3.99

Dyna® Sport and XL-70 stunt kite parts are the same as they have the same frame.

$0.69 - $3.99

Repair tape for all kites, Choose from 14 colors. By the foot.

Made In The USA

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Repair tape for all kites, 2 in. X 25 ft. Choose from 14 colors.

Made In The USA


Replacement parts for XL 80 stunt kite by Xkites.

$0.69 - $3.99