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SELF ADJUSTING PHANTOM Put 3 short loops on front of front kite,  #1 Using larks head knots tie LH of Phantom to LH leading edge, #2 Tie RH to RH leading edge, #3 Tie bottom of Phantom to keel, #4 Set adjustment  knot  to abt. center knot, #5 Tie flying lines, give it a test  fly. If pull is to hard move setting adjustment away from kite. (#4)  If to low move toward kite. (#4) With your Phantom set to fly in a 5-6 mph wind on a 6 to 15 stack it should work very well from 5 to 15 mph with out any adjustments. #6 Is a bungie cord, this is where the self adjust comes from. As the wind gets harder the cord will stretch and put the stack at more angle to the wind.