Dyna Kite Tri- Master, 6-Stack Stunt Kites

Dyna Kites > Dyna Kite Tri- Master, 6-Stack Stunt Kites

33 in. X 27 in.
Wind Range:
4 to 20 mph
Age Range:
7 to 99
Number of Kites:
Comes With:
30# Flying Lines, Handles & 15 ft. Tails
Kite 1 Color:
Kite 2 Color:
Kite 3 Color:
Kite 4 Color:
Kite 5 Color:
Kite 6 Color:
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

 Made In The USA,  For fliers with some skill, age range of 7 to 99 year old. Made with  USA  ripstop nylon, solid fiberglass rods. Weight: 2.8 oz per kite. We reccommend you upgrade flying line to at least 100 lb. for this stack

Available in 18 solid colors: black, dark blue, dark green, dark yellow, gold, hot orange, hot yellow, hot raspberry, light blue, lime, orange, purple, red, teal, navy blue, hot pink, gray/silver and white. (Actual colors may vary from image(s).

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