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36 in. x 44 in.
Wind Range:
4 to 20 mph
Skill Level:
depends on number of kites in stack
Number of Kites:
Comes With:
Stacking Line, 35 ft.Tail
Choose Color:
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You can combine this add-on kite with your Single Dyna Kite to create a stack or add it to a bigger stack one or more at a time. (This Add On includes a stacking line kit.)

All Dyna Kites are made with Ripstop Nylon, Solid Fiberglass Rods, and 35' Ripstop Nylon Tails. Kite weight: 3.8 oz.

Available in 18 solid colors: black, dark blue, dark green, dark yellow, gold, hot orange, hot yellow, hot rasberry, light blue, lime, orange, purple, red, teal, navy blue, hot pink, gray/silver and white.    Actual colors may vary from image(s).