Color-Me-Diamond Kite Transformers 26.5 in.

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Transformers Kite
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26.5 in. X 23.5 in.
Made Of:
Tyvek (Paper) W/Fiberglass rods
Comes With:
Line, Handles, Tail, & Coloring Pencils
Wind Range:
4-18 MPH
For Ages:
5 Yrs Up
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

Looks like paper, feels like paper but many times stronger and water proof. Pre-made ready to fly kite kit made of Tyvek paper. Comes complete with pre-made kite frame, colored pencils , polyester line and handle. This kite kit does more than guaranteeing the first artistic success - it also brings a lot of fun beyond the painting process. An ideal kite for activity groups at schools or workshops as well.