Laima Zero Wind Kite/Glider Purple 74 in.

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Laima Zero Wind Kite/Glider Pink 74 in. By Flying Wings Kites
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74 in. X 39 in.
Icarex PC31
Wind Range:
0 To 8 Mph
Comes With:
90 lb. X 160 ft. line, And Winder
Also Comes With:
Carry Bag
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

Laima kite, Glider, the latest creation of Bell’s single line gliding kite series. It glides gracefully in no wind or light breeze condition, and it can also be flown stably in sky under 8mph wind. Built with innovated WCS (weight control system), it is easy to glide and perform agile maneuvers. The length is only 27” after taken apart. Laima sure is going to be seen in the city as well as in the woods.